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  • Jan 2016

    Gazing into a Crystal Ball

    CT CEO Darrell Cole will be discussing what’s on the horizon for Career Development professionals as a panel member of the session Gazing into a Crystal Ball at Cannexus16.

    The session will review the findings of a 2015 survey of career service professionals and open a lively discussion on the future of Career Development.

    For more information on the panel visit the Cannexus webpage.

  • Jan 2016

    CT Staff Presenting at Cannexus 2016

    Career Trek’s Education Savings Coordinator, Lauren Reeves, is delivering a presentation at Cannexus 2016, entitled Why Don’t People Sign Up for Free Money.

    The presentation will showcase lessons Lauren has learned helping Career Trek participants and their families access the Canada Learning Bond.

    To find out more about saving for your child’s education visit our Canada Learning Bond webpage.

  • Jan 2016

    Canada: We’re Number (Twenty-) One!

    Is Canada the most educated country in the world, or are we falling behind?

  • Dec 2015

    Watch Road to Employment: Part 2 – Explore

    Part 2 of the Docuseries is Now Live.  Follow Clinton and Denis as they take what they learned on their cross-Canada trip and turn it into actionable advice for students on the “road to employment.”

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